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Text Box: Well the title sums it up. I have a 1996 Nissan Sentra with well over 230,000 miles at the time of this project. The hanger that mounted to the front of the catalytic converter was cracking and was about to fail. I ordered this special yoke shaped hanger from a Nissan Dealership out of TX and got it in a few days.
During installation, the nuts on the old hanger were rusted solid and I managed to round them off. I took a reciprocating saw and cut what I could of the old hanger and after some brain storming I decided to wield a exhaust pipe clamp to the new hanger. 
I used 1/8 inch 6013 wielding rods and wielded the clamp on the hanger. Next I removed the armor insulating cladding on the exhaust pipe and cut off 2 inches to clear the modification. While I was moving the cladding, I broke every retaining clamp and ended up replacing them with hose clamps that worked just as well.

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