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This page is dedicated to my most favorite links and stuff.



Funny Flash animation and Videos. Warning, these sights contain crud humor!


Ill Will Press

Flash Animation of a Goth Chick and a very belligerent squirrel.


Red vs. Blue

These guys use X-Box games in death match to film and act out characters and do a voice over. It is really neat but the videos are a little cheesy.



Abandoned properties from the past:


Abandoned Russian Properties

Abandoned relics of Russia. Some cool stuff!


Third Reich in Ruins

(Note: This is for historical purposes only. I do not affiliate or sympathies with Nazis, Third Reich, or anything Raciest or extreme! They just show historical images from 60 years ago and what the places and building look today. Also there is a reason the Third Reich is in Ruins! Because they where losers for good reasons!)


Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour

This is a cool sight where some guys explored an Abandoned Missile Silo.


Russian Aircraft Bone Yard

Very cool. Very slow loading, but well worth it!


Look At This…

Really Really cool sight with tons of link to Abandoned stuff!