Who is your Administrator?

I am the computer master genius of your computer network! Fear me!

About Us

I am OmegaMan. Obviously this is not my real name but something from I picked up from a Charleston Heston movie that I am using as my screen name. Reason I just do not post my name is because this is a small world and I do not feel ready to have stalkers in my life yet.

But I can tell you this, I am full time college student at Brewton Parker College, majoring in Business Administration Information Systems. I also work part time at an aircraft parts manufacturing plant a few miles away from the college as a Network Administrator.

How I came up with this phrase of “Who is your Administrator,” I was taking a chapter test in my Cisco class during my Tech School years and this popped in my head. There was a Country Western song with the phrase, “Who’s your Daddy.” This phase is true for South Georgia because everyone is related by blood, or knows someone personally in one way or another. Since the Administrator account is the dominate account in the MS Windows system, which is God on a Windows computer network, it sounded really funny.